Artists Statement:

I paint because I was gifted with the desire to create and born with creative DNA.  Everyone in my family is an artist in their own way, painting, weaving, sculpting, potting, carving, writing, gardening, and culinary arts.  So it is natural that painting, gardening and entertaining are my passions.

My gardens produce exquisitely colorful, fragrant flowers and organic produce that feeds my heart and soul and provides many magical delights.  My travels take me to scenic views for new reference material, friends and inspiration.  My family, friends and artist community provide the encouragement and critiques to keep my paint brush wet.  I love to share my passions with others as a colorful diary of my life.

I don’t know where I am in my art career.  I compare it with my signature.  In kindergarten it looked one way, Jr. High another and it continuous to evolve in my adult years.  All phases are me.  I hope to continue expressing my joy of life through my art and can’t wait to see what is next.

MaryJane Larson



Vancouver, Washington 98685

MaryJane Larson, an Alaskan born and raised artist, has been actively painting since 1998 in the Realist tradition. She started painting in oils in workshops taught by Frank Covino, doing old master reproductions. She changed to watercolor when she started traveling in a motor home and found that they were much better traveling companions. She travels around the country and world with her watercolors trying to capture the sights she is enjoying.

University of Alaska, Bachelor of Education
University of Oregon, Masters of Science

“Old Masters Reproductions in Oils” Frank Covino, Grants Pass, Oregon
“Watercolor Techiniques” Diane Maxey, Scottsdale, Arizona and Bend, Oregon
“Glazing Techiniques in Watercolor” Aleta Pech, Bend, Oregon
“Pouring Watercolors” Jean Grasdorf, Bend, Oregon
“Landscapes and Portraits” Mary Whyte, Bend, Oregon
“Chinese Watercolor” Lian Zhen, Portland, Oregon
“Landscapes in Acrylics” Hugh Greer, Taos, New Mexico

“Painting Nature” Susan Bourdette, Vancouver, Washington
“Watercolor Abstracts” Michael Schlecting, Vancouver, Washington
“Watercolor Mixing” Jody Bergsma, Vancouver, Washington
“Watercolor” Bev Jozwiak, Vancouver, Washington

Class work;
“Beginning Watercolor” Lee Baughman, Continuing Ed, Clark College, Vancouver, WA
“Intermediate Watercolor” Lee Baughman
“Advanced Watercolor” Lee Baughman
“Intermediate Watercolor” Vicki Nelson, Continuing Ed, Clark College, Vancouver, WA

Southwest Watercolor Society Spring Show, Vancouver, Washington 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Southwest Watercolor Society Fall Show, Vancouver, Washington 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Lake Oswego Festival of Arts, Lake Oswego, Oregon 2005, 2007
Oregon Society of Artists, Portland, Oregon 2005,2006, 2007, 2008
Rose Festival Art Show, Portland, Oregon 2005 ,2007
Ballew’s, Vancouver, Washington 2007
Washington State University, Engineering Life Sciences, Vancouver, Washington 2008
Washington State University, Administration Gallery, Vancouver, Washington 2008

Wild Celery, Petersburg, Alaska
Art on the Boulevard, Vancouver, Washington

“Honorable Mention” Lake Oswego Art Festival, 2005, 2007
“Honorable Mention” SWWS, 2005,
“People’s Choice Awards” SWWS Fall and Spring Shows, 2004, 2006
“First Place” SWWS Spring Show, 2004

Southwest Washington Watercolor Society
Society of Washington Artists
Oregon Society of Artists
Northwest Watercolor Society