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A very unexpected gift appeared at my house on Christmas Eve. My son gifted me with a new, updated website. I was so surprised and pleased. I couldn’t thank him enough. Now I get to share it with you too. It even has a place for blogging which my artist friends tell me is a great idea. So look forward to my progress in making “Art from my heart!” Happy New Year 2015


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30 PAINTINGS IN 30 DAYS. . . .

Once again I signed up for the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge.  I will be posting a new painting on my facebook page every day at MJ Larson Paintings.  Today is January 5th.  I have spent the last 3 weeks in Indiana with my daughter and family.  What a joy having grandchildren is.  I took my old tablet with me so I could not post any of my paintings.  So here are the first 5 paintings for the 30 day challenge.  Check my facebook page for me.  I did this last year too.  They are all there.  Enjoy!coconutsshackturtlesneneroosters1

Clark County Open Studio Tour 2016

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I was one of 50 artists chosen in Clark County Washington to participate in the open studio tour.  It was a huge success for me.  I had about 130 potential art collectors tour my studio in two days.  My son Ron and his wife Tammy were the official greeters and sales people.  Their puppy pepper was the unofficial greeter.  Collectively they did an outstanding job and creating a wonderful atmosphere in which to view my art while I was busy demoing how I glaze multiple layers of paint and how glazing works.  Sales were brisk and my new square credit card reader was well initiated.  I hope to be chosen again to have my studio open but only if my son and daughter in law are willing participants.  2016_CCOS_social_media_promo_v2studio-tourpepper

End of the year thoughts

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Well this year has ended well for me.  CLARK COUNTY OPEN STUDIO TOUR was a huge success.  I had about 140 art enthusiasts go through in 2 days.  I got to see my quiet sister in sales mode action which was just fun to watch.  I saw paintings, prints, cards, cups, tiles and more find new homes to love.  And Keven, the director from ART ON THE BOULEVARD recently called to tell me that my painting of Mt. Shucksan SOLD!  What a lovely way to end the year and look forward to painting the 30 in 30 challenge starting in January  Keep tuned for new works.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!          Mt Shucksan

Novermber 2017 Clark County Open Studio Feedback

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Well today I received an email that made my day.  This is the reason I do open studio tour.  I love to share my art with people.  One of the open studio attendees wrote;

 I so enjoyed visiting and meeting you.  Your work is truly wonderful.  Thank you for giving me a mini lesson on “taking it back to white”.  You were so kind to take the time.  I really enjoyed stopping at your place, and will love having your pieces in our home.”  

Thank you for sharing this encouraging information.  I appreciate your taking the time to stop by and talk art.  MJL

ART DEPART WINNER Clark Country Open Studio Tour November 2017

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And the lucky winner of the ART DEPART giveaway is Jackie L.  Congratulations Jackie on winning the ART DEPART free print giveaway that took place during Clark County Open Studio Tour November 11th and 12th , 2017.  Enjoy your new piece of art.  MJ

Jackie respond:

Wow, wonderful!

A blue vase with Daffodils sounds perfect, I am fond of Blue (and not too crazy about pink).  Thank you so much!  And I hope to see your work again soon. 

Hearts Desireweb


November 2017

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There are 53 artists participating with 50 studios open for you to tour for free the weekend of November 11th and 12th.  I am studio number 26 on the tour.  All of the studios will be open Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 5 PM.  You can see where, how, why etc. each artist creates their pieces.  I will have a free drawing for ART DEPART.  No purchase is necessary to have a change in the drawing for a free art print of my original work.  Hope to see you for the fun, light refreshments and sale of wonderful artists work.

My studio address is at 12803 NE 15th Ave.  Vancouver, WA  98685.  There is an interactive map available on line for the tour and a thumbnail photo of each artists work.  Free booklets are available at most galleries and many other locations.


Clark County Open Studio Tour November 11 and 12th 2017

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2017_ccos_home2-390x390studiotourmap17-390x390  Clark County Open Studio will be Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th of November from 10 AM until 5 PM.  My studio is number 26 on the map.  Postcards of the show listing the 50 studios that are open on the tour as well as printed maps are available at many locations, especially art galleries in Vancouver.  All this information can be downloaded from the CCOpenStudio.org.  The map there is wonderful.  Just click on a studio in the Google Map and it will identify your location and give you directions on the best route to the studio you have just clicked on.  Hope you will enjoy several studios and stop by mine on your tour.

October 2017 SWWS Award

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What a nice honor.   Artist and judge Birgit O’Connor just awarded my painting CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION  first place  in the fall SWWS Watercolor Show. She is such a talented and accomplished artist,  I consider this a real honor.  Thank you Brigit.  The show is hanging at BOOMERANG  in  Vancouver on Main Street.  It will be up for most of October.  There are many wonderful pieces of art there.  It is a worthwhile show to preview.


Crystal Blue Persuasion


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Well, I like to start out the new year with 30 paintings in 30 days.  I am way behind schedule.  I have been dog and house sitting for my son and his wife while they vacationed in Mexico.  It was a mini vacation for me but I didn’t do any painting.  I did sign up for an on line photography class.  It is about time I learn how to use my DSRL cammera and my Cannon Power Shot.  That should translate into some great paintings in the year to come.

Right now I am struggling with a painting of strawberries on black steel.  I like how the strawberries look and the stargazer lily but the reflections are keeping me awake at night.  Here is how this painting looks so far.

strawberry lily