September 2017

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Well, I am very busy traveling, gardening, painting and playing Grandma so that I have not posted in way too long.  But it is time again.  I have several exciting announcements to make.

  1.  My painting “CRYSTAL BLUE PERSUASION”  was juried into the Northwest Watercolor International Show.  What an honor.  Keiko Tanabe was the judge.  What a delightful warm and interesting artist she is.

    Crystal Blue Persuasion

    2.  My recent painting titled “HAND ME DOWN’S”  was just juried into NWWS Waterworks exhibition by Iian Stewart.  How nice is that.  This completes my requirements for becoming a signature member.  Hand Me Down’s is a painting about my older sisters bike.  My dad painted it for me so it looked new.  My father owned a bakery.  In the window you can see a dough mixer.  Notice the bike has a flat tire and a flower basket.  Definitely another hand me down took place.Hand Me Downssf

    3.  CLARK COUNTY OPEN STUDIO TOUR!!!!!!  Luck is with me and once again I have been juried into CCOS.  The date is November 11th and 12th from 10 AM til 5 PM I have lots of great new art and things for you to look at and hopefully take home to your new place.  Hope to see you in my studio.  By the way, I have named my studio ULU.  ULU is an Alaska curved bladed knife and ULU is breadfruit in Hawaiian.  Since I have lived both places I thin ULU is fitting.  2017_ccos_home2-390x390 CCOS tour postcard